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Oh hi

As you probably guessed im Larutha and i play a Bright Wizard in the Guild of Tedious Ten in a game called Warhammer: Online and we play on the server Karak Eight Peaks.

I have made this blog as a place to record and talk about my own and my guilds experience of Warhammer.

In games that we have previously played i have usually recorded the fights we have and make movies, i have just starting doing this in Warhammer and will be making my own youtube channel to upload movies of our fights to and they should appear here as well on this blog on the video bit. Will also post nice screenshots if i get any and start adding them to an album which should be viewable here too.

Also plan to post my feelings on current game situations, patch notes, career changes, add ons, gear..............whatever really related to the game or what me and my guild do in it.

So it begins hehe



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TT for life! :D

7 February 2009 at 08:35

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