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Oh hi

So.... over the last few days there has been a number of attempts on the Inevitable City over on our server (Karak Eight-Peaks). The Destruction players seem to be quite demoralised from what im hearing from people keeping upto date on the forum chat, due to the fact that the order numbers have increased dramitically in Tier4 not long ago. It has slowly got worse and then finally this week the doors to the Inevitable City have been unlocked, on a few occasions as well.

This was my first chance to check out the city siege bit of the game and I was looking forward to seeing what many people regard as the "end game" for Warhammer.

I have to say i am a bit dissapointed in the way its been done. For a start the queue system and how you get to it is a bit of a joke, we couldnt get in for a while due to queue's and had warbands of Destruction players charging the people waiting in queue's outside the Inevitable City gate's. Then when you finally get into one of the scenario's its either 1 of the following

  • 48 Order - 0 Destrucion
  • 48 Destuction - 0 Order

With everyone camped right outside the spawncamp and farming the PQ for loot, this is a short video of what we were met with........ happened on too many occasions for my liking and even although we were outnumbered we always gave it a good shot of pushing them back a bit so that new players entering would see people making an effort and might stay to help the cause, hopefully for snowball effect and a good even fight (thats what we are all playing for right?).

It got me thinking about the state of the game, is it a design fault or is it the players fault? or both?
Why dont the players from the 48-0 scenarios make 48-48 scenarios? is farming loot unopposed really thay much more valued than having a really good fun fight and then getting rewarded for it?
Why do the players in the 48-0 scenarios camp the spawn of the opposing side and now allow any sort of momentum to build on the opposing side, to get a good fun fight going.
Why does the queue system allow these to even be created?

Whatever happens something needs to be done to stop the unopposed farming of city instances(Keeps and Battle Objectives too). They really need to take a long hard look at the risk v reward in general in this game, theres far to much rewards in loot and renown bonuses from doing far to little in my opinion. People should be going into rvr thinking of killing the enemy as there primary and best source of rewards, not the current fad of running around in huge zergs known as "renown trains" focusing on capturing Keeps and Battle Objectives..... while doing there best to avoid the enemy doing the exact same thing in another Tier4 zone.

I can only hope the game and the player mentality change for the better and soon.



P.S. I know i've made fun of Spencer's love for DIY in the past, but he helped me fix my shitty boiler today so i'll try hold back in future. Cheers mate.

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Damn right!
What they need to do is either have seperate ways of entering IC for order and destro.
I also think they need to have area influence for IC which can also give good loot rewards (maybe even a piece of Invaders too?) for killing players and capturing the BOs.
I also reckon that they need to sort out the balancing to ensure that player numbers are kept as balanced as possible.
Last point, for the love of god make the helping NPCs actually help by making them champion mobs at least! Currently they run in and get ganked allowing fast farming to occur.

9 February 2009 at 06:15

I r boiler rox :P

27 February 2009 at 11:35

Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

2 October 2011 at 11:43

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